About Me

Hello, my name Marco Pisanu, a game programmer and passionate gamer. Currently I am enrolled at the NHTV University of applied sciences, where I follow a study on game programming. During my study here I have been working on various projects, both on my own and in groups of up to twenty people, some of these projects can be viewed in the Portfolio section of this website. These projects have taught me a great deal of things, because in most of them I had different roles, varying from network programming to A.I., pathfinding and more.

Why I do Programming

Why did I decide to go into game programming? I decided this at quite an early age, due to my interest in computers and games at the time. I was fascinated (and still am) with the immersion aspect of games, the entire idea of finding yourself in that different world and living another heroic life is amazing. Due to this fascination I also have a goal as a game programmer to someday work on virtual reality games that fully immerse you into their world.

My Hobbies

- Gaming (Elder Scrolls Series, Total Annihilation, Age of Empires, League of Legends)

- Reading books (Fantasy Novels: Robin Hobb, E. Feist)

- Movies and Anime

- Playing Pool