This section shows a highlight of the non-commercial work I have done as a game programmer, this includes both team and private projects.



Project Type: School & Personal project, C#, Unity

Project Date: September 2012 - September 2013

Role: Lead Progammer

Description: Purgatory is a four player co-op game in which the players must protect their base against enemy waves. I worked on this as lead programmer together with three other programmers. In this project i worked on networking, AI, GUI, general gameplay, animation importing, particle programming, audio programming and more little subjects. After the school project the team decided to make this a personal project, and we are still working on it.


Project Type: School project, Unreal Engine, AS3 (Scaleform)

Date: February 2012 - July 2012

Lead Programmer

Perseverance is a third person single player puzzle game, for which I was lead programmer, and worked together with two other programmers. Since we created this in Unreal, a lot of things were already finished, and the focus for programmers was purely the gameplay, helping artists with importing, and GUI programming using Scaleform.


Project Type: School project, C++, Brigade Pathtrace Engine

Project Date: September 2011 - February 2012

Role: Lead Programmer

Description: Reflect is a first person single player puzzle game, for which i was lead programmer (in gameplay, the engine was already finished) together with one other programmer. This game is a clone of the game Portal, but in stead of shooting portals, you shoot mirrors, with which you need to reflect lasers with in order to solve puzzles. Since the game was made in the Brigade Pathtrace Engine, we got all reflections, refraction ans real-time shadows for free, at the cost of noise.

Download is no longer available.



Project Type: Private project, C++, OpenGL

Project Date: June 2011

Description: This is my final assignment for the first year programming course at the NHTV. It is a simple strategy game in space, with pathfinding, AI and simple multi-threading.

An Executable can be downloaded HERE, source available on request.

Multiplayer Snake


Project Type: Private project, C++, OpenGL

Project Date: April 2011

Description: This is a home made project, just for fun. It is your classical snake game, but with particles, an optional multiplayer and some changes to the gameplay.